Sunday, 4 December 2011

Yarn Braids Maintenance Pt2: Deep Conditioning

Hi all,

Today's post is regarding deep conditioning your hair while wearing yarn braids. Wearing yarn braids does not mean you should be neglecting your hair. In fact, your hair regimen may be required to be more moisturising when wearing yarn braids. 

I have to admit though that during my first set of yarn braids from August til October, I did not deep condition once. But my hair still managed to be in good condition as I was cowashing and using moisturising shampoos quite often.

Anyhow, I do deep condition yarn braids on a weekly basis if I'm not lazy or busy. I also depend my deep treatments on how my hair feels. 

I am an avid ayurveda user and I use ayurveda on a weekly basis when my hair is out. However, I don't want any herbal residue left in my yarn braids (I have put my ayurveda and henna regimen on hold). I deep condition in another way, using a regular deep conditioner;

Choose a deep conditioner of your choice. I chose Palmer's Deep Conditioning Protein Pack. 

Squeeze the conditioner into a spray bottle and add water to it. You can add as much as you want depending on the consistency you want. I advice for it to not be very thin as it can drip when you're applying it to your hair, causing a mess! 

Spray the mixture onto your hair section by section and work it into your hair focusing on your actual hair.   
Put on a shower cap and you're done! 

This method is fairly easy. It's another way of keeping your own hair in good condition while wearing yarn braids. I prefer to dilute the deep conditioner in some water and then spraying it in because I find it easier as opposed to adding it to my hair by hand. 

I would highly advice against using deep conditioners with residues as it can get stuck in your yarn braids and hair, which is not a pleasant thing! Use something which is easy to wash out. 

Happy hair journey ^o^ 

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