Friday, 3 February 2012

Yarn Braids Maintenance Pt 3: Drying yarn braids

Hi all,

I think most people who wear yarn braids could agree that washing and drying yarn braids is a very daunting process.

Wet yarn braids can be very heavy, so you have to handle your hair carefully while washing, especially around the edges. Also, improper drying can cause your yarn braids to give off an unpleasant smell. It's always best to start washing your hair in yarn braids earlier on in the day if you do not use heat on your hair. This will give your yarn braids enough time to dry so that it is not damp, causing an unpleasant smell.

Soaking wet yarn braids 

Damp yarn braids after squeezing out moisture

After washing my yarn braids I squeeze as much water out of it as possible. This reduces the heaviness and decreases the drying time. After squeezing, make a high bun or pony tail with the yarn braids so that they're not hanging, weighing your hair down. Wrap it well with a towel and let it dry. Fully drying can take up to six hours. I suggest not adding any product to your hair until it is fully dry. 

I shampoo my hair every two weeks in yarn braids instead of once a month because I tend to get a lot of build up in my braids. When I wear my hair out I shampoo it a lot less, about once a month but cowash once a week. Yarn braids are an easy and very light hairstyle, but the drying process can put some people off. Try to protective style in a way that is compatible with your lifestyle. 

Happy hair journey ^o^


  1. If you have chemically relaxed hair (been about 9 weeks since last touch up) can you still get yarn braids?

  2. Hi TeeJay.

    I'm sure you're able to use yarn braids on relaxed hair. Just make sure you continue to maintain your hair and that you buy actual yarn so it doesn't lock into the hair.