Friday, 9 November 2012

In Review: Curls On The Go

Curls On The Go is an app by (you can use it in Europe so don't worry about it not working here). The app gives you the temperature, humidity and dew point of your current location. This can help you decide which products are suited best for your hair. If you have curly hair (or even straight hair) you'll know that the weather can affect your hair. Your hair may revert after you've straightened it. You may get flyways... or your twist out will simply disappear.

 I find the effect the weather has on hair really annoying. One time, I spend the whole night tossing and turning because I was wearing Curlformers for a particular style and towards the end of the next day, I ended up with a messy fro. No bueno. 

Curls On The Go can help you plan ahead those hairstyles that require a product to prevent reverting.

The Frizz Forecast.

Product recommendation according to the weather.

Searching for products...

The products in the database also contains reviews. The reviewers have their username, along with how they rate the product out of five (represented by the curls) and their hair type (which may be useful for some). 

I have to be keep it a 100 though, no review is ever going to make me want to buy Miss Jessie's. 

When clicking the salon button, a list of salons in your area will appear. These salons either specialise in or cater for curly hair. 

I clicked on 'My Hair' and this is what came up. I did tick that I have 4b hair (either on my Naturallycurly account or when I first signed up to this app). You can change your hair type by clicking 'more', then 'change my hair type' (these additional buttons are not shown on this image). 

Tips & Tricks
I like this section of the app because it's very interactive. When clicking on some of the tips & tricks, there appears to be some type of embedding issue with the videos. Hopefully it'll get sorted out sometime in the near future.

Product recommendations.
The app also recommends some products which may be suitable for your hair type.

Related photos.

Pictures related to your hair type can also be viewed. These photos can motivate or inspire you! 

I give this app the thumbs up! It's like a hair directory in your pocket. The information provided is quite useful and specific as well. 

Before I attempt a style that will make me lose sleep, I am definitely going to look at this app first!

This app is available for free on Android phones and iPhones.