Saturday, 3 February 2018

My serious pledge.

I really sound like a broken record. I blog. I disappear. I come back with an apology post.

This time I will NOT do that. I will not apologise again because clearly my apologies aren't sincere because I have made no efforts to keep blogging, despite so much happening in my life over the past few years, which I have either refused or forgot to blog about.

It's 2018, I'm 26 now, yada, yada, and I have finally taken responsibility of my actions. If I commit to something like my blog, I have to remain committed to it. After all, it's this blog, and the ModerneMeid name, that got me to where I am today. It's the blogging, the tweeting and Facebooking that has got me to where I am today.

I have had this blog for so many years, yet it has remained stagnant, due to my inability or refusal to keep the blog updated, to keep it fresh, to attempt new things. Now I have decided to keep it updated. It'll serve as a diary, a place which I can look back on in a few years' time to see my personal and professional growth. It can also serve as a place for information, guidance and laughter for my readers.

So much has changed and happened to me over the years but what I will do is give a play by play this year.

I have publicly pledged to do the following (publicly so I can be held accountable, publicly so that I feel ashamed for not doing it when I fail to do it):

  • do something tangible for girls education in South Sudan 
  • back to blogging (
  • building stronger social media presence on Twitter 
  • back to South Sudan media and editing work 
  • work with different South Sudanese on their projects 
  • build the SS Literary Review website 
  • more travel of course (seeing places I’ve never seen before).
Those are my pledges. Now I am going to start preparing some things to share. Feel free to follow this blog to stay in the loop!