Saturday, 20 June 2015

I Am Left Handed.

We're the minority. We live in a right-hand dominated world... a world that is made just for right-handed people. We have right-handed computer mouse, right-handed scissors, right-handed spiral notepads, right-handed rulers (yes, rulers).

The struggle is all too real, because when writing with ink, us lefties are working overtime to try to not to smudge our letters. We also try to not have a sore hand because writing in right-handed spiral notepads is rather a physical nuisance.

Handedness is definitely a big deal and I know it's a big deal in Africa.

I remember on a trip to Germany and we had breakfast and I was eating with my left hand. My dad told me off big time (this happened like 12 years ago). I then changed my hand and then continued to have my breakfast. I think since then I sort of became ambidextrous when it came to eating... I guess I was taught a lesson!

Being left-handed is a sort of a taboo in Africa because the left-hand is widely used for bathroom duties back home. Let me not even begin to mention all the other social stigmas and spiritual issues attached with being a lefty.

I still write with my left hand until this very day.

I also found it interesting that when I used to write in school, a few people made remarks that I'm writing 'upside down' or writing 'weirdly' - as if I need help.

No, I don't need help, my writing is just fine.

Besides, President Obama writes with his left-hand (exactly the same way I do).

Alright, I am back...


How does someone 'come back' after a very, very long hiatus from blogging?


I'll just try it this way.

SO my very last post was on the 26th of June 2014 and it wasn't even that interesting, considering all the thoughts, opinions, ideas, experiences, plans I have had since then, up until now.

I have traveled to many more places since going to South Sudan and Nairobi, and I am set to travel to even more places this year.

But I really have to do some 'throwback' postings...

I started this blog just to share about my life, share ideas and definitely thoughts, but most importantly, to keep a kind of 'online journal'.

I'll be back, and I promise to be a bit more disciplined.