Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Some Memories From Africa

As you may recall I went to Africa in 2013. It was my first time in years and it didn't go as planned. Despite, my trip really kickstarted the kind of journalism and writing I've been doing since. 

A few things that I found nice or memorable in Africa. Not all of it is documented here, but just a few of those things.

Because it was my first time at Le Bistro they gave me free cake on the house
The mountains surrounding and within Juba.
South Sudan money, albeit sort of useless, is beautiful. Who would have thought we'd have our own country, let alone currency?
Cartoon of the day (this was from Citizen). It keeps the circumstances in South Sudan real.
A young mango tree at home in Thongpiny.
This is somewhere in Nairobi. 
Remnant of 2013: Coca Cola did special edition labels for Kenya, celebrating the country's 50th independence. 
What is home without the occasional power outage?
My obsession with skies is justified: we don't really get to see blue skies in the UK. 
Cat at Paradise.
1985 five Kenyan Shilling coin.