Sunday, 30 June 2013

I Got My Upper Second BSc Hons Degree!!!

I made it!!! I got my 2.1 Bachelors of Science with Honours in Biological Sciences... I made it alive!!!

I'm currently on cloud ten (cloud ten because I already had a good week with great, great opportunities, and eye-opening and awakening experiences)...

I'm so pleased because my year has been a roller-coaster ride!! This bit of happiness despite what I've had to endure over the past ten months, has been a long time coming! 

I'm truly, truly happy right now. I can't really describe it. 

I told my immediate family and a lot of them were happy for me but were unsurprised... I suppose they expected that of me. I honestly didn't expect that of myself... second semester wasn't the best semester, but I still managed to get some good modules here and there. 

The only thing left regarding university is my graduation ceremony in November! November is so so far... so I won't get that cap and gown pic until then. However, this will leave me with a lot of time to decide what I'm going to wear and how I'm going to celebrate it. 

Life is so good right now. ^^ 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

About Tea.

Visitors? Put on the kettle.

Workers at your home? Put on the kettle.

Break time? Put on the kettle.

Stressed as hell? Put on the kettle.

I am obsessed with tea. From peppermint to ginseng to nettle, tea is a staple part of my diet. I drink cups a day. Cups a day. 

Many people have pics of their weed stash... I have pics of cups of tea.

Tea fascinates me. How can a leaf be dipped into hot water and turn it into a fragrant and refreshing drink?

Today I'm a little overwhelmed... and mildly stressed... so I put on the kettle and made myself some tea.

I'm feeling much better.

It's TRUE.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Re-evaluating Relationships; Changing/Removing Friendships.

Demi Lovato went to Company magazine and spoke about how she only got four texts and a missed call after she left rehab.

I can relate (except for the rehab part...).

I'm not naive. I understand that the friends you have today will probably not be there tomorrow; it's only the very few that last til the very end. Worse still, you also learn to rely less and less on family...

As I have progressed through life, my primary school friends and I aren't so close anymore. Our interaction is reduced to Facebook/Hyves (a Dutch social networking site) or no interaction whatsoever. It's something I don't even feel so bad about. People grow apart due to hitting puberty, meeting new people or because they live on the other side of the North Sea (I went to school in the Netherlands).

Fast forward to secondary school, I made some great friends and remained with a few of them in sixth form. At university, we grew apart; time, distance, meeting new people etc., just changed things. I talk with a few of them on Facebook and we will say hi when we bump into each other but that's about it...

Now I have finished uni, I made some friends, some will remain, others will definitely not.

I suppose people who I became friends with outside of university are the ones I will be keeping in touch with for some time... basically because we weren't pressured to become friends because we were all cooped up in a classroom six hours a day. We are friends by choice and share very similar interests too.

When my brother died I had a wake-up call. You know how they say that during your most difficult times you know who's for real and who isn't? That's exactly what I experienced.

At the time of his death it really bothered me that some people didn't call or even thought of sending me a message... a simple message. An overwhelming amount of people did call me, send me messages online or via text, telling me they're there for me and sending their condolences. Some friends even spend entire days with me and came over to visit and help out. Another amazing friend came from London and baked cupcakes for me and my family. I will never forget that.

I have confronted those who never called or showed up (except those who had a really valid reason for not visiting), only to be showered with a myriad of excuses. From then on I decided to just brush it off and re-examine my relationship with them... I ended up placing them in my 'low priority' list and reduce my conversations with them to small talk.

Let tragedies be a lesson that sometimes it is best not to expect even the simplest of things from people... also, do not overlook the ones who have consistently been there for you... and finally, do not depend on others too much, don't be afraid to ever depend on yourself.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Father's Day is for Fathers and Mother's Day is for Mothers.

So Mother's Day is not enough anymore? 

Mother's and Father's Day online statuses usually go a bit like this:

Happy Father's Day to my Mother, she's been a mum and a dad to me when my dad weren't there for us because he is deadbeat. Thanks mum for playing both roles, I love you <3<3<3
Happy Mother's Day to my dad. He stepped up to the plate when my mum couldn't and I will always love and appreciate you for that.

Now honouring your mother and your father is the least you could do for them considering the things they've done for you (keep in mind I'm talking about parents who actually take their roles very seriously).

However, I can't help but be quite irritated and perhaps borderline vex when people hijack one of the days for parents of the opposite gender. 

If you have a parent who deserves to be honoured, honour them on the day that was assigned to them. If not, let it go and keep it moving.

Each day (Mother's and Father's Day) is designated to the Mother and the Father and if they fit the bill of being a good parent that deserves to be honoured, they deserve to be honoured on their day.

If you don't have a productive parent, then honour your mother and father figures on those days... if not you can always honour great parents that you know.

That. Is. All.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

In Review: Bella Luccé Peruvian Cocoa Azul Sugar Scrub

Review time! 

I purchased Bella Luccé's Peruvian Cocoa Azul Sugar Scrub from Natural Boudoir a while back... a while back -________-

So I'm not great at reviewing products but I have a lot more free time than usual right now (I'm an unofficial graduate!!!) which is why I am finally reviewing a product after such a long time! 

The back

The packaging has deteriorated over time but it is waterproof. It's in a nice little tub too!

Bella Luccé is:
  • Eco-friendly
  • Cruelty-free
  • All natural
  • Vegan

The inside

  1. Good consistency.
  2. Rub it all in. The crystals are big and aren't harsh (perhaps because they're brown sugar crystals).
  3. Washing it off leaves a mildly moisturising layer on your skin.
  4. Dried hand feeling mildly moisturised.
What I love:
  • The chocolate scent is so rich that it puts you at risk of tasting the product.
  • The scrub scrubs well. 
  • It is a non-drying scrub.
  • Some of the chocolate scent stays behind on your skin, which is just perfect! 
The product itself is good. It's a scrub, so you won't use it everyday (perhaps weekly). 

The only thing I did not like about the product was that I felt I couldn't really use the scrub all over my body because if I did that on a weekly basis then this would have finished in weeks. However, I assume you just use it on problem areas and you don't generally use it every single week (just as needed). 

Will I buy again? Yes! Simply because I'm too lazy to whip up my own scrub... and I couldn't get it to be as moisturising and as nice smelling as Bella Luccé's scrubs! I'd also like to try the other scrubs from the Bella Luccé range. This scrub (and more) is available for purchase at Natural Boudoir.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Michelle Obama Is A Nappy Headed Bitch.

I know being offended is viewed as a choice by many people (and it probably is) but this wasn't a choice for me... I was automatically offended without even given the chance to think about whether I should've been offended or not...

I thought-out my response and promptly typed it in the comment box and hovered above the enter button on my MacBook Pro; I couldn't make up my mind on whether to press 'enter' or not. Do I ignore and keep it moving or do I say something?

I really wanted to ignore the comment and keep it moving but that desire was as strong as wanting to post it and wait and see. I was actually fighting myself deep!.

After some further hesitation, I did end up commenting because the comment on this post bothered me. I guess the desire to post and wait and see was stronger than ignoring the comment...

How do you diplomatically, without lowering yourself to their level, respond to such nonsense? Well, I just said it was offensive. It wasn't comment of the year but I have a certain standard to uphold... I have to rise above the mess.

After my comment, more bullshit ensued. A few commenters thought it was funny (either the picture, the first comment or my response to the first comment). Some commenter wrote; 'nappy headed is not nice, just call her a gorilla'. He proceeded to defend his words by saying that Michelle Obama looks like a gorilla. I ended up reporting and blocking him. Oops. 

I'm still trying to figure out how is it at all justified to target someone's race based on their political affiliations/stance in life?