Thursday, 2 February 2017

Forever 25.

I been blogging for years but I haven't really been updating for years.

Many reasons. I'm no longer anonymous and people can read and learn and know more about me. I kind of find that creepy-ish, but I will share the things that I don't mind sharing.

I been busy (as usual). I get bored really easily, so I like to do many things to keep myself occupied, and make me feel like I have a sense of purpose.

I'm now 25 and I do feel like I have done a lot. I've experienced many good, nice, bad and very, very awful things. It's all shaped who I am right now, and whatever is coming, will shape who I will become.

I have to admit though there's been a lot of wakeup calls and deep thinking on my end. I no longer fear many of the things I used to fear. I am no longer (as) attached to people as I used to be. People come and go, their presence or absence are all for a reason, and I am actually ok with that. I'm content with it.

This blog is entitled post is 'Forever 25,' because I have accepted a number of things since turning 25. These acceptances will continue to serve as a foundation of who I am.

BY THE WAY, I'm sort of almost famous. Mentioned in Buzzfeed News, as an 'influential government propagandist.' I have MADE IT. Finally. Famous AF*. If only, just only, they knew that, the government of South Sudan, is actually considered trash by me.

I will take autographs*.