Friday, 14 October 2016

Another milestone.

I've completed another milestone; I have completed my masters.

So I did my masters full time for a year while also working (sometimes). It was something I chose to do because I was getting bored with work. I didn't feel challenged enough. Plus, I wanted masters to help me improve my work ethic (it sort of worked?). 

I'm content with what I've managed to accomplish. Some of my dissertation research results got published in a research paper and I got a Merit in my masters. So I cannot complain. I actually had a nice one year at uni and met some people I consider to be friends. 

My masters really opened my eyes about the world of research and how much fun ending a stressful week is with a social on campus.

My masters was also a trying moment because I had to deal with things I have never really had to deal with before; being wrong, messing up, working independently, critically thinking all the time and overall being under a lot of pressure and time constraints. I wanted it to be all over. Thankfully it is. 

It's taught me a lot about myself and what I want to do next and what I'm willing to deal with/not deal with. Most importantly, I grew up during this time. I take my work really seriously now and I also enjoy it. 

We will see what's next for me in the world of education... but for now I'm happy the early mornings, studying and deadlines, have ended.