Monday, 16 April 2012

Are we doing too much to our hair?

Hi all,

This post is really about an article I've been reading an article on Curly Nikki, 'I don't have the time...'. The writer of the article believes that some women make natural hair a job.

Going through online haircare forums, social networking, blogs and the like, I have encountered people with a similar belief as the writer of the article. I found this to be quite interesting because I have encountered people who believe that *I* do 'too much' with my hair.

I think what needs to be appreciated is the fact that we are all different. We have different hair textures, different hair porosity, different hair densities, regimens, schedules, product availability etc. For this very reason I appreciate and respect the fact that some people will take longer to do their hair than others. Some people will do more to their hair than others and so on. Everyone has different needs and I do too.

I cannot run a comb through my hair. I can't go to sleep with an afro without finding big tangles the next day. I cannot detangle my hair in 15 minutes... but I am happy to spend the free time that I have doing my hair. It's enjoyable to me. It's my 'me' time besides eating nice food and pampering my nails and skin.
If you can do your hair quicker than I can with only two products, more power to you. These differences should be celebrated - it just shows how diverse our hair is and that there is no set formula or way to take care of our hair.

The writer of the article was very articulate in what she said and while some people will agree with what she said, I am on the fence about it. Yes I do most of the things on the list, but only because it makes my hair care so much more simpler and I get rewarding results from it.

Do what works for you!

Happy hair journey ^o^