Monday, 16 September 2013

A Bad Case Of Road Rage.

Road rage is real. I've just experienced it today.

Last month I passed my driving theory. Compared to last year June (yes, I literally didn't do my theory again for almost another year), I did very little work on it. I guess I did so very little because I knew most of the answers to the questions already. I also practiced the dreadful hazard perception just the night before.

Sleep-deprived, I sat and did my theory at the test centre. I didn't have much thought on the outcome, I just wanted it done and go about my daily life. Basically, the lack of studying, doing the hazard perception last minute and frankly not giving a damn about the outcome, really demonstrated my intense lack of motivation.

I passed!

After the test was done, I sighed and I was glad it was done. I then went to pick up my results and the first line said... 'Congratulations!'. I was immediately cloud nine-ing! I finally passed! Contrasted with last year, I prepared for my theory weeks in advance and went over the theory questions and hazard perception like crazy but still managed to fail because of the damn hazard perception.

I had a showdown with hazard perception and defeated it!

So after all of that, I booked my first driving lesson in months and I did pretty well. My driving instructor thought I'd forget how to drive. Now I'm being pushed to pass my driving test in October, which is literally two weeks from now. I'll give it a try, but I will have to phone the DVLA for driving test cancellations in October since the nearest booking dates right now is early November.

Now onto the actual story of this blog post.

I was driving and I had to turn left. It took me a while to get to the biting point to get off to the left. There was a driver behind me who started to become impatient and began beeping and generally being disrespectful. I was swearing and getting very irate. My instructor told me to calm down and just to ignore it.

Funnily enough, through the anger, I was driving off and heading to my destination (Tesco's because I had to get to the cashpoint). The guy was still following me. I was still fuming.

My instructor suddenly said 'your driving has improved'. Today wasn't my driving day at all, but as soon as I got angry, it suddenly improved.

So I got to Tesco's and the guy got off at Tesco's too! Walking towards him, I really wanted to call him out on what he did.

'How can you beep me and my car is learner's bro?'.

I walked past him and went to the cash machine, I had to just let it go. The guy didn't even say anything to me, funnily enough, only minutes ago he had a whole lot to say.

It's people like him who makes learner drivers nervous on the road. Anyhow, next lesson is tomorrow and I am working hard towards getting my licence. I need it before I head to Africa!