Thursday, 24 March 2016

#TBT: My Presenting Experience At South Sudan Oyee Live.

July 13th 2013 was the day!

I presented the first South Sudan Oyee Live concert which was held in celebration of South Sudan's second independence. The event had some great sponsors including African money transfer company Dahabshiil and supported The JUBALINK charity and showcased charities such as Gua Africa.

That day was a wonderful and amazing day and I can truly say my life has changed ever since. As a kid, even the thought of standing in class in front of an audience was terrifying... but this was one of my first experiences in public. *Proud of myself*.

I was terrified, terrified. I was incredibly terrified when I got on stage, but as time went on, award-winning journalist Inigo Gilmore made things so much easier for me and my other cohost Moria Tibi.

Great cakes.
I still have that dress. It was custom made. Forever grateful.

This is a quick #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) post... my intention is to post something comprehensive on how to build your confidence for public speaking purposes etc...