Sunday, 12 June 2011

Natural Hair Movement Gains Followers...

... Among Afro- American Women.

The article that lead to the writing this article was this one. 

A couple of problems with the Independent article, in my opinion, is that it completely ignores the natural hair 'movement', within the UK. It either ignores that, or is ignorant of the fact that it does exist. 

We have had natural hair meet up and events, but currently also British naturals on YouTube and on blogs as well.

When we will get the same recognition as our sisters across the Atlantic, I do not know. But it would have been nice if they looked into this closer to home. 

There are quite a few other issues with the article, for example, it claims; 'Kim Love, who also self-published a book called Grow It (entering the top ten best-selling books on Amazon)'. I suppose the author just completely misread that part from the New York times article

If an article were to be written about us as UK naturals, that would 1) allow us to set up bigger events, get more sponsoring for those events etc, 2) give other people the chance to see an alternative way of wearing their hair. Bottom line is, exposure could be good, or bad. The Independent does not need to look all the way across the Atlantic to write about this when we have a number of awesome bloggers and YouTuber's from the UK.