Friday, 29 June 2012

My post about Solange Knowles went 'viral'.

Weeks ago I wrote an article; 

Are we going too far when it comes to other people's natural hair?

I wrote the post for this blog but also shared it on Tumblr. The very next day on Tumblr I had 84 notes on my post! ''How could that be?'', I wondered. My posts don't get more than ten notes usually, if any at all.

Then I was told on Twitter that Solange Knowles talked about my blog post! I was surprised and ecstatic. I struggled to contain my excitement. Solange Knowles read what I wrote?

I had to head to her Twitter to see what was going on and there it was; my blog link and she said she agreed 100% with it. I was ready to faint!

Here is what went down;

My link. Yes, my link. Who would have thought? I never ever ever ever thought that this was possible.

When the post went out, I expected a few close friends to read it and for it to get lost somewhere in the interweb. I didn't expect hundreds of people reading it! I always appreciate it when someone reads, so this is a big deal to me!

Since then I've had a lot of support and positive encouragement. People want me to write more. I will. I will invest more time in writing my blog posts and keeping my blog looking nice enough so that it's bearable to scroll through. My layout was atrocious for the longest time... (I'm working on getting my blog more organised and I may need to redo a few posts as well).

A lot of people also agreed with what I wrote. Others shared their own experiences with the Natural Hair Police. My post also opened some debates of whether other naturals are interfering too much with everyone else's hair.  The response has just been overwhelming and mostly positive.

I also gained more followers on Tumblr, about 150 of them! I continue having reblogs and likes on that post as well as other Tumblr posts.

Some people in the UK natural hair community were excited because I put the community on the map. Yes there are naturals outside of the United States and Canada.

I'm grateful. I didn't expect my post to blow up the way it did. I don't know who send Solange the link to my blog post but thank you!

Since that day my article has been referenced to or bits have been featured on the following websites;

Fashionista; Solange Knowles Lashes Out at Her Hair Critics, Fuels ‘Natural’ Hair Debate

Jezebel; Why is Everyone Hating on Solange Knowles' Natural Hair?

Crunktastical; Tweet Is Watching: Solange Is Not Here For The Natural Hair Nazi

United KinKdom; The Solange Sitch

Natural Hair in the Media; She Did That! Solange Knowles fires back at the “natural hair” police

Black Girl With Long Hair; Solange Takes to Twitter to Rant Against the "Natural Hair Police"; Solange Addresses 'Natural Hair Police,' Says Hair is Not Important 

Clutch Mag Online; Solange Knowles: “I Am Not The #TeamNatural Vice-President”

Thirsty Roots; Solange Knowles Twitter Rant To The “Natural Hair police of the world”

Glamazons Blog; GLAM SCOOP: Solange Knowles vs. ‘Natural Hair Police,’

I'm on some of my most favourite websites! Imagine my excitement.

Some news/blogs got their facts wrong by stating that my article criticised Solange when it in fact defended and encouraged her. It seemed obvious that they did not even read the article to understand where Solange's words were coming from. I had to shrug this off.

Some news/blogs also chose to ignore the issue of the Natural Hair Police entirely and decided to criticise Solange for saying that she doesn't want to talk about hair anymore and saying that her hair isn't that important to her. Is what Solange said (clearly while she was frustrated) more important than the problem of how some naturals treat each other?

And just because you endorse a product does not mean you use it. It's a job at the end of the day.

Solange is a celebrity but she has every right to respond to comments made to her, especially those through her Twitter and Instagram.

From my experience, the natural hair community is mostly positive. The natural hair community should remain positive because it is all about accepting your own hair and wearing it with pride. So if you have coils, kinks or curls, big or small, long or short, it does not matter. Your hair is yours and you should love it for what it is.

I don't want to appear like I have some self-esteem issues but the attention was wonderful. I feel motivated to take my blog a bit more seriously because I actually never did. I enjoy writing, it's always been an outlet for me but I've never taken it very seriously. Now I will and there's exciting things to come in the future.

Thank you so much to everyone for their kindness and overall support. I really appreciate it!