Friday, 22 June 2012

Naturally United: Celebrating All Things Natural

Weeks ago I wrote a post about Naturally United. I attended the event on May 13th and overall, it was an enjoyable and positive experience. I helped out a lot at the event so I didn't really get the chance to listen and participate in the workshops but there are a number of people who were at the event and have posted reviews of the event on the Naturally United Facebook Page.

Everything I got in the goody bag (except the Jane Carter range, I won that!)

What I purchased on the day (not the Shea Bliss).

After the workshops they had a series of giveaways with many wonderful prices. I won the Jane Carter range, but swapped the Twist & Lock  and the Curl Defining Cream (16oz) for Shea Bliss Moisturising Deep Conditioner by BeUnique (that someone won, along with other products of the BeUnique range). I swapped those two because I already have a lot of styling products which I don't use much at all at the moment, so products that would be of greater use to me, such as a deep conditioner, are always welcome.

What I won:

Jane Carter Solution:

What I purchased:
The goody bag included:

That is all for the goody bag! It was a wonderful goody bag with samples I have never encountered before (Jessicurl and Jordan's Treasures), so I was pleased with it. I'm very likely to give some of the samples away for other people to try. I will be keeping some of the samples and see where in my regimen I can try them.

The organiser of Naturally United event is also planning to come out with a box of samples of hair products and also their own online store this summer. Be sure to sign up to their mailing list for more information and also for the launch dates; Natural Boudoir and Rosebox.