Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bey. Blue. & Braids.

Hello lovely readers today we yes WE : Sieta of Moderne Meid and Vongai (musicbutterfly) of The Music Cocoon are coming to you with a co-authored article.

If you’ve been stuck in a hole for the past two days then shame on you! If not then you will be aware of the fact that the social media world went crazy this week because Beyonce is wearing braids.


That’s right Beyonce was recently spotted shopping around New York with her daughter Blue Ivy (who has the cutest chubby cheeks FYI) looking a little different. Beyonce’s rocking some blonde braids.


The Internet is a buzz from beauty bloggers to Beyonce stans to haters and their mamas talking about these braids. All the Facebook posts, reblogs and retweets got us to talk a lot about all the hype these ordinary braids have caused.
 Comments have been along the lines that Beyonce has followed in the footsteps of her younger sister Solange (who coincidentally was spotted rocking some butt length braids the previous day) and that the hairstyle is a great new look for her. Whilst Hello Magazine claims ‘Busy mum Beyonce brings back braids’.

These comments just didn’t sit well with us.

Vongai asserts :
Why would Beyonce want to follow Solange? She’s her own person! Even though Solange has stated it’s mere coincidence does that even matter? Whether the two sister both rock braids. Urm anyone remember the Williams sisters playing together both wearing braids. Anyone ever speak about that? Mhm I thought so.

Moderne Meid comments :
I personally like this style on Beyonce, but are people going too far by saying that Solange inspired/motivated her etc? It seems that the two can’t ever be separated and given credit where it’s due! Both girls are adults and can make their own decisions about what to do and what to wear. Is it copying if you decide to get braids? A style that most people have worn since birth?
It’s not the first time that Beyonce has worn braids before, but because it has been such a long time since she’s worn them, people are getting a bit excited… I guess.

Introducing Beyonce’s history with braids: 
Destiny’s Child Writing’s on the Wall cover and Say My Name music video
 Micros in Carmen: A Hip Hopera (2002)
 Twists in The Fighting Temptations (2003)

Beyonce’s sister Solange is known for her braids too (years ago)…:
Feeling you music video 
Solange looks great with her braids! 

But what is this sudden obsession with Beyonce wearing braids?

If Hello Magazine (and other outlets that claims that Beyonce is bringing back braids) looked a little closer online, they would know that braids have always been around, since… before the existence of cameras. Box braids and other types of braids are nothing new… however, I do admit that they have seemed to become more popular. 

But some of us are kind of getting tired with inundated images of Bey’s braids because it’s… something she’s always worn, since her Destiny’s Child days and even before that.
And if we’re going to talk about celebrities wearing braids then these are some others we shouldn’t leave it out:
Jada Pinkett
 Christina Aguilera
·      Alicia Keys
·     Janet Jackson’s Poetic Justice braids (the original ‘Solange braids’)

Moderne Meid says, ‘Is this hype occurring because we don’t see many people in the public eye wear braids anymore? Most probably. But if Bey wearing braids inspires the next stan to wear the braids too then that is awesome!’. While Vongai says, ”I’m not sure where this hype about braids came from these last few years. Growing up the only hairstyles I rocked were braids and even while I was getting relaxers. In the 90s and early 2000s we were all rocking braids (black, white, ska punk) heck maybe it was me who started the trend!!”.