Monday, 16 July 2012

Taren916 The Ugly Truth About YouTube & Business.

The video I agree with is below. MelsharyA pretty much summed up my view on Taren's video. I agreed with Taren, just not entirely.

If you believe your blog/vlog is worth something, then set the standards. Demand the commission etc. Remember, the companies can go elsewhere to get their products reviewed for free. There are many people on YouTube and in the internet world with more or similar influence power and some would probably do these reviews for free.

Don't knock a company for not offering commission! To me the product itself is a reward. I've never made a YouTube video before so I don't know the amount of time and energy that goes into making videos. What I do know though is that writing blog posts can be quite time consuming for me because I attempt to get all my facts accurate and I strive to make my writing as coherent as possible.

If you believe you're worth something, demand it. I do not knock YouTuber's hustle at all! Review the products and get the money! But don't blame companies like it is their responsibility to offer commission. Draw up an agreement with them, the responsibility lies with the blogger/vlogger and the company.