Thursday, 4 October 2012

In Review: Hibiscus Powder and Moringa Leaf Powder from Sheabutter Cottage

Disclaimer: The images aren't great.

I'm a tea freak, lover, admirer. I probably used to be a tea leaf in my previous life too.

Some months ago, Sheabutter Cottage send me Hibiscus and Moringa leaf powder samples. Since I love tea, I want to review it.

Hibiscus tea 

Sheabutter Cottage sells food-grade hibiscus powder. You can either drink this hot or cold. I drank it both hot and cold. I found that half a teaspoon was sufficient. The powder dissolves pretty quickly, but leaves some powder/leaf residue that I'm not too fond of. It probably won't interfere with your tea party but I guess this is why I prefer hibiscus tea bags.

Hibiscus tea has a tangy taste. I like to add a bit of sugar to sweeten it. I find it difficult to describe the flavour and scent fully but the tea is nice, take my word for it. It's a refreshing drink with added benefits. Hibiscus tea benefits include:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Good for lowering high cholesterol
  • It's rich in vitamin C

I grew up with hibiscus tea and we call it karkadé in Sudan. My mum used to soak real hibiscus leafs in water to create a cooled version of the tea which would then be sweetened with sugar and refrigerated.

I will continue to use this powder for things such as hair and skin treatments. This hibiscus powder is definitely good quality (like all Sheabutter Cottage products). Hibiscus powder is available at Sheabutter Cottage.

Moringa tea

Moringa leaf powder is something I have never come across before. I never knew what it was until I did more research on it. I don't have any previous experiences with this so what I have experienced recently is all I know about this powder.

Moringa leaf powder is my favourite new thing. Ever. I will go back to Sheabutter Cottage to purchase more. It's very refreshing and has a very... green taste and scent. I know green isn't the greatest way to describe it but it really reminds me of nettle tea. I used about half a teaspoon.

The benefits of moringa tea include:

  • Rich in nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and protein 
  • Helps boost milk production in lactating/nursing mothers
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Aids in sleep when drank just before bedtime. 

I totally love this tea. I haven't thought about using it externally (I probably will after doing more research on it). This powder is available at Sheabutter Cottage.