Sunday, 25 November 2012

I Smile More.

The past few months have been very difficult for me... and I'm 100% sure I'll face many more difficult months.

While the pain and frustration is still there, I'm slowly working on becoming better in so many ways. I want to be more confident in what I do, I want to be more positive and I want to increase my strength  to deal with negativity better.

I still have my bad days though, many of them (understandably). But with the amount of support and love I've been getting from friends and family, it's making the bad days a lot more bearable.

Last Tuesday, I felt this urge to regain my love for my living space. I cleaned up my oil burner that had been collecting dust and decided to burn some rosemary and peppermint essential oils.

There's nothing like the scent of essential oils surrounding every corner of your home. Everyone loved how fresh and natural the house was smelling. Oil burning is definitely a better alternative to the artificial and asthma inducing commercial air freshener.

I went to Boots and I saw this brush by Tangle Teezer. The brush is hollow and can be used for under the shower detangling. I know for a fact that it'll be useful for many people because the original Tangle Teezer just fills up with water when you detangle with it under the shower.

Another thing that happened last week, was the arrival of my friends from the Netherlands! They came over to spend a few days with me. We just chilled out and did a lot of necessary catching up.


I took my friends to Nando's which they (of course) loved... Nando's is one of the only places I never get bored of and I always order the same thing too. 

After some window shopping, we went for coffee and sweet treats because a day of going out is not complete without a chat over coffee and sweet treats!

Three cheers.

After that, we were at the Birmingham New Street pub as we were waiting for a train (for one of my friends) to London Euston. We missed three London Midland trains. Three! They said it was due to flooding but somehow Virgin Trains were always on schedule... I guess I know why traveling with Virgin Trains is so expensive (and not just because it's a fast train), they're just more reliable than London Midland as well! 

My friends got home safely. I really had a wonderful time with them and it was so lovely going down memory lane again.

Everyday, I hope to smile more.