Friday, 23 November 2012

Non-Spoiler Review: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Disclaimer: If you find The Twilight Saga nauseating and you still want to read this post, have a sick bag ready.

The end of The Twilight Saga is here.

It's been four amazing years of The Twilight Saga films. And I will miss it.

I've long waited for Breaking Dawn Part 2 (since watching Part 1 last year) and I was not disappointed and you won't be disappointed either. 

I have never read any of the Twilight books but I've been told they're badly written and since I've struggled progressing past page 100 on the Fifty Shades of Grey book 2, I won't bother reading Twilight. Ever. 

The Twilight Saga movies have captivated me. I really liked Full Moon and Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Twilight was OK). 

Breaking Dawn Part 2 was very slow at the start though. Bella is also narrating through a lot of the movie (to explain the backstory of specific scenes... I guess).

Overall, the movie was good. There will be tears (if you're really emotionally involved with The Twilight Saga and its characters). You will also find the movie exciting if you don't know the twist!

Without further ado... the main characters:

Bella is gorgeous as vampire. She looked brand new. All her dreams have come true; she's now a vampire. And not only is she a vampire, she's a really good vampire at that; she has great powers, control of thirst and strength that newborns don't (usually) have.

Kristen Stewart was perfect as Bella, especially since Bella was an annoying teenager in the earlier movies. If Kristen Stewart wants to do more movies, they need to make more Twilight based films because she's too boring for other movies.

Edward is in the movie too and he's just overrated. That is all.

I didn't sense any pedophilic behaviour from Jacob even though he imprinted on little Nessie (he nicknamed her after the Loch Ness monster LOL). But for the first time ever, I liked Jacob. 

I still can't get this image out of my head though:

Moving on...

Renesmee is so cute and pretty! I think everyone was just in awe of her beauty. She has this adorable way of communicating; placing her hand on someone's face. Renesmee is truly special.

Some other notable characters that I feel like mentioning:

Left: Senna. Right: Zafrina.

The Cullen's recruited Senna and Zafrina of the Amazon as witnesses. Zafrina has special powers that creates illusions in other people's minds. Everyone sort of laughed at the close up of Zafrina's face as she carried out her special powers. 

Benjamin is of the Egyptian coven and he has the ability to influence the four elements of nature; water, fire, earth and air. He made great use of his powers (in some of the scenes of this movie, I was wondering what we'd do without him). I really like his character. 

The actions of Alice and Jasper in this movie will not surprise anyone. They're such a caring and likeable couple.

Don't judge me, I genuinely liked this movie. I was quite excited about it and it completely lived up to my expectations. I'd watch it again.