Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow: We Can't Deal.

Here I am... having been send home early because of the snow.

Everything is grinding to a halt; shops are closing, traffic is piling up and people are being send home from school or work.

We (British) are so inept when it comes to dealing with snow. But then again, Britain is known for the rain and not the seldom snow.

I'm pretty sure the Russians and Canadians are laughing at us for staying home because of an inch of snow but really, we are never prepared for this.

Step outside and watch people attempt to drive their cars on the icy roads and you'll realise that most Brits haven't heard of the concept of snow tires or snow chains.

Five hours later, the main roads are still icy and snowy after the first snow fall and you start to realise that no one from the city council listened to the weather forecast and decided that it was a good idea to prepare the gritting trucks.

There was even a time when we actually didn't have enough salt to grit the roads and it became a really big deal for very obvious reasons.

Many of us are so freaking cheap too; we don't want a high energy bill so we send the school kids home... on the contrary, I'm sure it's more to do with health and safety.

Poor squirrel looked confused by the snow 'what is this?'.