Sunday, 30 June 2013

I Got My Upper Second BSc Hons Degree!!!

I made it!!! I got my 2.1 Bachelors of Science with Honours in Biological Sciences... I made it alive!!!

I'm currently on cloud ten (cloud ten because I already had a good week with great, great opportunities, and eye-opening and awakening experiences)...

I'm so pleased because my year has been a roller-coaster ride!! This bit of happiness despite what I've had to endure over the past ten months, has been a long time coming! 

I'm truly, truly happy right now. I can't really describe it. 

I told my immediate family and a lot of them were happy for me but were unsurprised... I suppose they expected that of me. I honestly didn't expect that of myself... second semester wasn't the best semester, but I still managed to get some good modules here and there. 

The only thing left regarding university is my graduation ceremony in November! November is so so far... so I won't get that cap and gown pic until then. However, this will leave me with a lot of time to decide what I'm going to wear and how I'm going to celebrate it. 

Life is so good right now. ^^