Friday, 7 June 2013

Michelle Obama Is A Nappy Headed Bitch.

I know being offended is viewed as a choice by many people (and it probably is) but this wasn't a choice for me... I was automatically offended without even given the chance to think about whether I should've been offended or not...

I thought-out my response and promptly typed it in the comment box and hovered above the enter button on my MacBook Pro; I couldn't make up my mind on whether to press 'enter' or not. Do I ignore and keep it moving or do I say something?

I really wanted to ignore the comment and keep it moving but that desire was as strong as wanting to post it and wait and see. I was actually fighting myself deep!.

After some further hesitation, I did end up commenting because the comment on this post bothered me. I guess the desire to post and wait and see was stronger than ignoring the comment...

How do you diplomatically, without lowering yourself to their level, respond to such nonsense? Well, I just said it was offensive. It wasn't comment of the year but I have a certain standard to uphold... I have to rise above the mess.

After my comment, more bullshit ensued. A few commenters thought it was funny (either the picture, the first comment or my response to the first comment). Some commenter wrote; 'nappy headed is not nice, just call her a gorilla'. He proceeded to defend his words by saying that Michelle Obama looks like a gorilla. I ended up reporting and blocking him. Oops. 

I'm still trying to figure out how is it at all justified to target someone's race based on their political affiliations/stance in life?