Wednesday, 1 August 2012

EU/UK Naturals: Use Lola's Green Hair to sell unwanted products!

Hi all.

I  need to share something about Lola's Green Hair. For those who don't know, Lola's Green Hair is owned by the lovely Lola Zabeth (who is also a great mixtress and blogger!).

Having hair products that you're not going to use is frustrating. It takes up space and it's just waiting to expire (money wasted). Lola's Green Hair allows you to sell brand new and even partially used hair products... it's sort of like an eBay for hair care.

I stumbled upon Lola's Green Hair months ago and was kind of sad at the thought that we don't have a UK version of it.

Lola's Green Hair has a new and official twitter now and I was reminded of the sad thoughts that I had months ago (sad, yes, I'm this serious about hair care products).

I tweeted:

 Lola responds with:

Then a lightbulb switched on... we EU and UK ladies can indeed use Lola's Green Hair to get rid of our hair products and earn a little bit of money in the process too.

So how does Lolas Green Hair work? According to the website:

  1. You must register/login if you haven’t already done so.
  1. Click the orange ‘post an ad’ button.
  1. You will then be guided through 3 simple steps to submit your ad, including the option to upload images (highly recommended—ads with pictures sell quicker).
  1. Your ad will be posted immediately.
  1. To make changes to the add, click ‘My Dashboard’ (upper right-hand corner).
  1. Click on your ad. Use the social media icons at the bottom to Tweet, post to Facebook, and use other channels to spread the word about what you’re selling!
  1. You will be notified of potential buyers via email.  Note: Your email address will never be visible to potential buyers.  Inquiries are sent via the ad’s ‘contact’ form.
  1. To respond to purchase inquiries, open the email message completely (not in preview pane) to see the potential buyer’s email address.
  1. Email buyer at this email address to discuss and confirm purchase details.
  1. Request payment from buyer (typically done through PayPal). Here are two helpful links: How to Set Up a PayPal AccountRequest Money Through PayPal.
  1. Once payment is received, take your ad offline by clicking the Pause (||) icon for the ad in your dashboard. This way you will not get further requests for a product that is already sold.
  1. Deliver product upon receipt of payment.
  1. Put the money from your sell into your 401(k).
  1. Congratulate yourself for being so smart!
  1. Head over to for some fresh-picked DIY hair care recipes!
  1. Click on the ad that you are interested in.
  1. Click on the ‘contact’ tab to the right of the product description.
  1. Complete the form to send a message expressing your interest to the seller.
  1. Send payment (typically through PayPal) to the buyer. Here are two helpful links: How to Set Up a PayPal AccountSend Money Through PayPal.
  1. Try to contain your excitement while waiting for your package to arrive.
  1. Pat yourself on the back for being such as savvy shopper!
  1. Head over to for some fresh-picked DIY beauty recipes!
Simple right?

Why didn't I think of it before?

If you're selling, you've got full control over where you want to ship it to. If you're UK based or even EU based, you can write 'UK and/or EU shipping only' (unless you want to ship it elsewhere).  It's that simple!!! I feel like I've made a brand new discovery.

But there's a problem; we need more sellers/buyers in these regions so that we can sell/buy quickly!

So if you're like me (you need to get rid of a lot of hair care products but you want some money in return) sign up and give it a go! I'd love to give my products away for free but I need to make a living.

I'll make use of Lola's Green Hair sometime in the future. But I am hoping that more UK and EU naturals will make use of this service.