Thursday, 23 August 2012

First Attempt: Cake Batter Pancakes

One day I felt the urge to try and so I did it! Cake batter pancakes; a genius and alternative way to use cake batter without having to spend hours baking a cake. For this, I bought my own ingredients and I used a recipe from How Sweet It Is (awesome food blog).

I followed the recipe and instructions to a T (with the exception of some of the ingredients and the electric grilled skillet... I used a regular pan).

We used self-raising flower (couldn't find all purpose), regular sugar, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, baking powder, sprinkles and Betty Crocker Chocolate Swirl Cake Mix. I couldn't find the yellow cake mix so I settled for this (the chocolate and regular cake flour were separate so I just used the regular flour).

Flour, cake mix, baking powder, sugar and pinch of salt... all added!

Milk, eggs and vanilla extract; added...

Added the sprinkles!
I used a regular pan...

End result.

Making of the glaze.

The outcome!

This was sweetness and yumminess. Heck yeah, I'll make it again.

 I probably didn't get the same visual result as How Sweet It Is but I am happy with my first attempt. I think I did well considering I don't make pancakes... ever. But things are clearly about to change. 

It took me sometime to make these pancakes because I was making many for many people but everyone loved it. I didn't like how the sprinkles dissolved in the batter so I guess I'll need to get different sprinkles to avoid that in the future. This is a creative and simple recipe to make your regular (boring) pancakes more riveting and tasty.