Thursday, 28 March 2013

Dog Owners: Be Responsible Of The Dogs You Own!

I've had it with dog attacks. REALLY.

Without fail, at least once a month I read about a dog, usually of the pitbull kind attacking a baby, child or adult.

Many of the attacks turn out to be fatal and (usually) the owner can be held criminally responsible for it (as it should be). However, this owner, may not be held criminally responsible for a recent attack thanks to a loophole in the law.

When will people learn that:

  • You need to know where your dogs are at all times
  • Some dogs are territorial, therefore they will defend their territory 
  • Certain breeds of dogs are UNSAFE and as a result of that, certain breeds of dogs are BANNED in the UK 
  • Keeping dogs around new people or young individuals (i.e. newborns) is NOT always ok and some dogs need to be slowly introduced to new people in the home
  • Never taunt or harm dogs, dogs have a patience threshold too and they can also snap 
Really, just be responsible for the pets you keep. People shouldn't have to enter someone's house or property (with the owners permission of course) and feel like they have to watch themselves because an untrained dog might pounce at any moment.

A bit of a positive thing has happened recently though... 

A chihuahua (not really a big fan of these dogs, all so small and all bark and not so pretty but I guess there's a reason for that but I digress) rescued this 9 year-old girl from a pitbull attack. As the girl was being attacked, the chihuahua barked and distracted the attacking dog, giving enough time for the girl to be rescued.

Not the dog but this came to mind.