Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I Pledge Positivity.


A good mindset is important for a healthy body, spirit and mind.

It's now November and today I've been reflecting the past year more than usual. Almost a year ago, I made that same reflection and came to the conclusion that I had an amazing professional and academic year.

Reflecting right now... so far I can say that this year has been kind to me, despite me being on my knees a few times this year.

My professional and educational life has been amazing:

From last year, I've definitely stepped things up! I first proved myself wrong (I got my 2.1 despite me thinking I couldn't really get it) and I did things I thought I could/would never do (co-hosting a show in front of a live audience).

I have met many wonderful and amazing people this year, young professionals, old professionals, journalists, musicians, writers, politicians... I have made many amazing and useful connections that I know I have and will be utilising.

But... why am I writing this post... right now? And not in December?

From about August/September, I began to lose steam. I started writing less (as I discussed in my 'writers' block disease' post) and I was working, consistently, almost every day. Some weeks I worked every day, some weeks I worked in just the working week. It's just been up and down for me (the whole entire year but I have to admit the past two months it's just been worse). It was also the first anniversary of my brother's death last September (which didn't make things any easier for me). I am still mourning despite pushing on and appearing joyful. I guess the gap in my life will always remain... the fading memories and the moments I would wish I could share with him.

After two months of being very up and down, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, I have decided to fight back. My friend Onyinye from Onyinyedraws and her positive mindset and incredible achievements has really inspired me to wake up and change my mind from 'I can't' to 'I can' and from 'I don't want to' to 'I want to'.

So from today, the 13th of November 2013 and onwards, I pledge to think positively:

  • I pledge to see the sunny side of things. 
  • I pledge to see the good that can come out of the bad. 
  • I will be positive, loving and giving and even forgiving. 
Tonight I'm reading the first few chapters (and more) of The Secret to just remind myself of the laws of attraction to get myself back into the mindset I was building on. Further, I genuinely believe that if you think positively and embody it, you will gain a lot of positivity in life... 

I'm 'patiently' waiting to go to Africa early December. Preparation (vaccination and visa) hasn't taken full force yet (next week is the week!). I think my trip will add an interesting end to my year... I can't wait to be there and start sharing my experiences.