Thursday, 7 November 2013

I Suffer From Writer's Block Disease (+ Four Tips To Defeat It).

I used to write a lot. Probably 'something' once a week.

Right now it seems like anything worthy of promotion (actual articles) gets written like once a month. Maybe once every two months if I really push myself.

The only places where I'm currently writing more text than my own blog is Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr... even Instagram (can you imagine I probably have more text on my Instagram than I have written on this blog for some time?).

Ok maybe I'm overreacting a little, but I have had a bad case of writer's block and it's been super frustrating. There's so much I have to write but I actually struggle to find the will to do so. I know I have to but I simply refuse to. It's that bad.

I'm not short of inspiration or topics to write or discuss, it's just the sheer effort it requires; multiple drafts, proper research, making sure it is a unique perspective, etc. It just takes effort.

I've also been working pretty much non-stop and ultra long hours. I don't really like to write at work, I generally prefer writing at home, where much of the inspiration and will tends to come. But I get home late, so I get too tired to write.

A friend told me I should slow down. Stop planning. Stop forcing myself to write... and ultimately, think about writing a lot less like it has to be done, like a chore. If you act like it has to be done, it becomes very unappealing and very job/chore-like.

As I am combatting my writer's block, I have a few tips which I have found helpful for inspiration (of course I need to implement some of these a whole lot more). When I am ready to return to writing on a more regular basis, I know these tips will be useful!*

(*I'll be honest and admit that this post is a way for me to get my post count up and really is my own solution to combat writer's block, see how things work out? Funny).

Here are four tips!

1. Have a notepad or phone with a notepad function on hand.

This is so helpful when you are on the go and consistently thinking... 

When a topic comes to mind or a funny line, write it down! Writing can then ensue. 

2. Stay up to date with current events.

Current events can give you some great topics to write about. This is especially helpful if you're into current events like politics or stuff like gossip.

3. Read books or magazines.

This will help you 1) get the topics you may want to discuss, 2) result in a book/magazine review and 3) help you improve your writing style.

Point 3 is pretty personal to me. I feel like I'm slacking... I feel like my writing is not at the level I would like for it to be. Reading books, articles and magazines will enable me to be a bit more creative in writing and help improve it, thus, I won't feel like I'm a bad writer and I shouldn't be writing anymore.

4. Stop making excuses for not writing! 

Seriously. Stop it. 'I'm tired' and 'I'm too busy' are all excuses to stop yourself from unleashing your potentially next viral article. I am so guilty of making excuses for myself. I truly am. I'll just say to myself, 'I have worked so hard, I deserve a break', while forgetting that freelance writing and writing on my personal blogs is actually an extension of my professional and working life -______-''

Get to writing!!