Thursday, 27 September 2012

In Review: ISIS Magazine's New Website

ISIS Magazine launched a new website a few weeks ago and I was so impressed by it, I just had to review it.

The beautiful editor-in-chief of ISIS Magazine
Seeing the face of the editor of a magazine is priceless. How many magazines show their editors? We now know who the editor is and what she looks like; this is someone who definitely knows what she's talking about!

The different sections of the magazine.
These sections stay the same in every ISIS Magazine issue (as far as I know). You don't get surprised by a sudden change in content and you know what topics to expect. You also get to build on whatever you learned from the previous issues.

The models from Issue One; they're absolutely stunning! 
Interested in knowing who the Issue One models are? You get to check out who they are and what they do! There's no anonymity and there's no detective work needed to find out who is who, which makes everything a little bit easier!

Good quality charts to help you care for your skin, hair and diet.
I like the availability of these charts. They serve as a guide for skin care, hair care and diet. I will definitely buy one of these charts, particularly the skin chart since I need a lot of guidance on skin care.

You too can get involved.
Not many magazines give their readers the option to contribute. ISIS Magazine values their readers and want to know what they have to offer! You can share your expertise, talents and ideas.

The ISIS Magazine website also has a 'Hairstyle of the Week' section which is very useful if you're stuck on natural hairstyle ideas.

On the hair page, you find different categories which go into more detail about Afro-textured haircare.  The information is bullet pointed and written very clearly.

The information on skin types is very well detailed but also short and concise. The information is also well organised and easy to navigate.

Not many people regard food acidity as an important factor in maintaining their health. Many people also have food intolerances and allergies.

The food alternatives page is great. It shows a bullet pointed list of food and oral care alternatives. Tom's of Maine toothpaste is one of the non-fluoride toothpastes listed, it's my absolute favourite!

The lifestyle section offers great tips for life in the workplace, physical exercise, mental health and spirituality. Again, the information is very clear and concise.

If you're like me and sick and tired of the stuff MTV and VH1 puts out there that they class as 'music' then you may love this section. This section features poets and vocal talents; those discovered and those undiscovered. Get listening!

ISIS Magazine also provides a fortnightly newsletter. You can stay up to date with ISIS Magazine as well as news and events in the community.

Bits of ISIS Magazine Issue One
I reviewed Issue One here. If you want to download this issue or even get a hardcopy, you can get it directly from the ISIS Magazine website.

ISIS Mag hardcopies distributors.
ISIS Magazine is available in Japan! Hopefully we'll see it distributed all over the world very soon!

What I love the most about the ISIS Magazine website is the presentation. The font is easy to read and very clear. The colours of the website is very attractive. The pictures are also of great quality. The website is easy to navigate and has everything you need to know about the magazine as well as the information ISIS Magazine loves to share with its readers. ISIS Magazine have done a wonderful job with their new website.