Sunday, 3 February 2013

Beware of Counterfeit Jamaican Black Castor Oil

The brand sold by Sheabutter Cottage; I trust this brand fully.

A few months ago I introduced my cousin to Jamaican Black Castor Oil from Sheabutter Cottage. My cousin fell in love. She had the results she wanted; thicker edges and healthier hair.

Since that bottle of JBCO ran out, my cousin went to an Asian BSS in Birmingham and requested that they sell JBCO. The Asian store got it in stock in a matter of weeks. She came back and purchased it.

After several uses of this particular JBCO, she noticed no change and no difference to her edges. In fact, she says that her edges were probably worse after using this JBCO.

I can't confirm whether it's the JBCO or not that may have affected my cousin's edges but she's sure it has. She won't be buying it from the Asian BSS's any longer. I can't mention the brand of the JBCO (that may have been counterfeited in this case) because I don't want to commit libel.

I've told my cousin that I am going to continue purchasing JBCO for her from a seller that I always buy my JBCO from; Sheabutter Cottage.

While I myself can't confirm whether my cousin's results are true or not due to a number of factors that can affect the growth of edges, I do think the important message of this is that we can't always trust what is being sold to us.

Also, instead of taking a risk because of what is convenient (buying it in-store from Asian BSS'), I think it's important that we support our own businesses and whomever they are supplying to.

For places to buy JBCO in the United Kingdom:
Sheabutter Cottage