Thursday, 28 February 2013

Trying Something New: Rhassoul Clay

My friend Dee from Beautifully and Naturally Made gave me a little pack of rhassoul clay when I was in London a few weeks ago. 

So last Monday I tried rhassoul clay for my hair! 

I don't really have a set of instructions on how to make this, but just make sure the mixture is not too watery or too thick and that there are no lumps in it either. You may want to use a mixer to end up with a smooth paste but that isn't really necessary.

What I used for this mixture:

I've only used this mixture once, but I will attempt to use it more often. I will also use bentonite clay and I will just alternate between the two. I will write a more in-depth review after several uses.

First impressions

Easy to apply, left very little mess (perhaps because I made it into a paste). Washing it out was fine, just make sure you wash it out properly. 

The mixture left my hair and scalp clean. My hair was also quite soft and manageable and didn't feel stripped.