Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Vitamin D Deficiency.

After months and months of seeing doctors about my symptoms; fatigue, lack of concentration, muscle pains and aches, pinched nerves... I finally have the answer to all of my ailments: vitamin D deficiency.

It's common in people of African and South Asian heritage. This is because:

  • Our levels of melanin are higher compared to Caucasian individuals. Our melanin acts as a natural sun screen. This means we absorb less vitamin D. 
  • Europe isn't our natural climate; we descent from much warmer climates where the Sun shines more often.
  • The Sun doesn't shine much in Britain.
My doctor said my vitamin D levels are incredibly low. I've been put on tablets to try and boost my vitamin D levels. Hopefully my symptoms will improve very quickly! 

If I've learned anything about what I've had to deal with, it's that:
  • Keep on pushing doctors to help find out what's wrong with you. Don't give up. If you're unwell, put your health first.
  • I probably need a better diet to avoid any future vitamin D deficiency.
  • I should relocate to a hot and sunny country.