Monday, 29 July 2013

I Was A Victim Of The Happy Slap Craze.

This is what I should have done after he slapped me...

Remember the 'Happy Slap' craze? It went on for years. Basically, people would 'sucker slap' you and record it with their mobile phones and share the footage with one another via Bluetooth. It was supposedly funny. 

To me, it wasn't funny. Ever. 

Sadly, I was a victim of 'happy slapping' myself.

In Year 8 (when I was about 12) I was sitting in PSHE (personal, social and health education) class.

My form teacher was one without authority; the class was noisy, messy and everyone was up and about. It was out of control. 

I was at my desk reading through my work or listening to the teacher. Either way, I was minding my own business so... this didn't warrant what happened next.

A hand hit me hard on the side of my head. I got happy slapped. I got up, feeling furious but also quite sad and confused, 'Why did you slap me? What have I ever done to you?'. 

The perpetrator, a 5'9''-ish boy, said nothing, did nothing and went about his day. He showed absolutely no remorse. He was a problem child. He was in and out of the 'unit' (where all the naughty kids go to) and didn't do so well in school. 

I felt embarrassed. The hit wasn't just hard… it was humiliating. I was doing nothing and I was attacked for other people's entertainment.

I haven't been attacked by any boy since. 

Do I forgive him? I forgive him for myself. Considering the boy's circumstance, he really didn't and doesn't stand a chance in life. His life is karma. Who's laughing now?