Friday, 19 July 2013

The Day Someone Said I Had Chicken Thighs.

I will never, ever forget.

I was in Graphic Design class in year 10. This fellow pupil came up to me as I stood waiting for the teacher's help. He then said the following: ''you have chicken thighs''. This boy then proceeded to look at my thighs and I did too... that was the day I decided that my thighs were big...

For those last 4-5 years of my teens, I lived life thinking that I had to slim down. I would aspire to have the thighs of Asian girls because theirs were the same size as their calves. I thought that was beautiful.

South Korean pop-group SNSD... their thighs...

I'd often tell my younger sister about my thigh insecurities and how desperately I wanted my thighs to be like those of Asian girls but she would quickly embarrass me by telling me it was unhealthy and that I was overreacting... of course I did not believe her.

Over time my sister really drilled it into me that it was simply impossible for me to get those thighs. My body type was going to remain the way it is. I was never going to have smaller thighs than an Asian girl unless I decided to go for the emaciated look.

It was when I hit my 20s when I finally accepted my thighs for what they are... they aren't extremely big, they don't need to change and most importantly, what I have is all a part of me.

Love thigh self.