Sunday, 21 July 2013

Maybe I'll Stop Writing.

And you will try to stop writing...

You will try, try and try... until one day something compels you to start writing again. The hunger to write never leaves a writer. You will still find a way to write... whether it's telling yourself what should be written or... whether it's in a notepad, on Facebook or Twitter, you will still write because it's so natural to you. It's innate. It's something you do, like breathing.

Life can take over. Time constraints can crop up. But that will never fully stop you from writing.

Imagine what all other writers who attend school or have a non-writing jobs do? They're making some kind of time for writing. It's all about balance.

To write does not always mean you have to produce work everyday, or weekly... at times you can just produce a great piece of work and let it float around the internet for all to read, before you move onto the next one.

Writing also brings some stress-relief to the writer. To have put your thoughts onto paper... to have shared it with people who will praise it or feel compelled to share it with others and all the other rewards that come with it, will uplift you on that bad day at work. It will uplift you when you've done not so well in school. It will uplift you when you're down.

The talent and skill that you have should continuously be nurtured. If it's great enough, if you're persistent enough, it becomes a plan B when all that other stuff in life isn't working out.

So everyone writes. It's a saturated 'market'. Some writers get a lot of proclaim for their work, others not so much. But why? You just have to find the people who will read your work and say 'this speaks to my heart'. You will have to tell others about it... and if they really love it, they will tell others too.

Don't change your writing voice. Don't change your topics. Write what you're passionate about. Write what matters to you. Be unique. Don't replicate what is popular. Your uniqueness is what will draw people to you... it is what will make people believe you're sincere and love you for it.