Thursday, 8 August 2013

An Easter In Amsterdam.

Remember how I wrote about being so traumatised after my thesis that I booked a trip to Amsterdam to get over my worries (it kind of worked out for me)?

Well, here is a useless post with pics and text about my trip to Amsterdam!

This is probably my fourth post on the Netherlands. As you'll probably have noticed by now, I consistently go to the Netherlands. But since I have finished university, I am free to travel on long-haul flights. So after my graduation ceremony in November, I'll be flying away to a place outside of Europe.

Flying with KLM
Because I want to live a modern nomadic lifestyle, I'm now a member of KLM's frequent flyer program.

My favourite. Tea.

Out and about

Kermis or a fair on Dam Plein (Dam Square)

iPhone 5 photography.

Rembrandt House... this is where he was born!

Taking the metro...

Not my metro.

Near Centraal Station

I tried out mojito's for the first time... I believe the hype! 

My friend's strawberry daiquiri... I liked it!

Vanilla milkshake after! 

Amsterdam Centraal Station


At nights I just came back and blogged.

Cookies and chocolate = best of both worlds.

Helplessness is a feeling, not a position.

Seeds that you just plant in your garden. Then you hope there's enough sun, light and nutrients.

This was yummy. I don't know the name though.

Helps you get to the toilet in the dark... unscathed.

(Faux?) Vespa... taken the Netherlands by storm.

From the Hague, back to Amsterdam...

The image of this post.

Starbucks at midight. Yes. Total addict me.

Breakfast next day at Coffee Company. Banana loaf and pana montata.

Book flea market at Universiteit van Amsterdam

Anne Frank memorial near the Anne Frank Huis

Bought some good Hema cake as goodbye.
See you again soon Amsterdam.