Friday, 9 August 2013

Beyhive Sends 40 Pizzas To A 'Hater'.

Fandoms and stans can become pretty deranged... like close-to-restraining-order-worthy deranged. 

When I saw this screenshot I was like 'there's nothing funny about sending 40 pizzas to someone else's home'. 

OK I'm appearing a little too serious or too sympathetic of others but there is nothing funny about using a service to prank people. If you're going to attempt to prank or have a payback moment, do it yourself.

I feel bad for that pizza company (because pizza's are nice and delicious and should never be wasted) but I also feel for the delivery guy who has made the effort of putting all 40 pizzas on his scooter/bike/car to take it to the house just for him to take it back to the pizza place again. You've wasted the delivery guy's time. You have wasted the money he could have potentially made by delivering to someone who actually made a rightful order.

It's petty. It's selfish. It's immature. People are always going to say something negative about the person you like, it doesn't mean you have to make their lives hell. Remember, everyone has their opinion. Who are you to decide what they should say or think?