Thursday, 22 August 2013

What Is The Secret?

I have The Secret... 'the secret' (yes... in quotation marks, because it really isn't a secret).

A bestie of mine who has read this book before, gave me a really positive review. She told me how it helped her get the mindset she has today. She also recommended other things for me to watch and read, including Left Eye's documentary, Last Days Of Left Eye. I discovered that Left Eye died during the filming of this documentary. Twenty minutes into the documentary, I noticed that she was feeling like she got to the end of her life. It's all very eerie...

Back to the secret!

So I'm at the stage in my life where I feel sort of... accomplished but I haven't yet made it yet! What I have accomplished so far is great (in my eyes) but it's only the beginning! For me to get to the next level, I need to get rid of my bouts of envy and dips in confidence.

The first part of the book (chapter 1 and 2), teaches the law of attraction; what you think (good or bad) is what you attract to yourself. If you are wealthy, you are wealthy because you think of one thing only; wealth. When someone obtains wealth and loses it, it's because his/her mindset changed from wealth to the fear of losing it.

Basically, the general consensus of these two 'rules' is that your state of mind determines your success.

Another part of the rule is that the law of attraction draws in more 'like' thoughts. What you think is what you will think more and more. Thus, if you think about a specific thing, you will think more and more about it. Think positively and end up thinking more and more positively.

The 'I do not want epidemic'. According to The Secret, we think more about what we don't want than what we do want. The danger with thinking about what we don't want, is that we will attract more of what we don't want to ourselves. This is because the law of attraction does not compute anything that is negative (i.e. don't, no or not). Therefore if you say you don't want something, you will get it.

Luckily, for those who can be trapped in temporary negative thoughts, there is an element of time delay. Our thoughts do not materialise into something as soon as we think them. This gives us time to reassess our thoughts, think about what we want and make a new thought. Time delay is so useful to me (personally).

The Secret also states that we think by default. We don't control our thoughts every time. When we start to control our thoughts, we will control what we attract. Thoughts and feelings are intertwined; bad thoughts result in bad feelings, good thoughts result in good feelings. So how can we manage what we feel? The Secret says to ask yourself how you are feeling through the day.

Perhaps if we train ourselves to think a certain way, we will think that way by default? The Secret says we can master our thoughts through meditation. Through meditating we quieten our minds, which then enables us to master our thoughts. Meditation also helps to calm you in particular situations, therefore offsetting stress and negative thoughts. I try to meditate 15 minutes a day in a quiet space (sometimes with relaxing sounds). 

The Secret also explains that the law of attraction is impartial and impersonal, which explains why bad things happen to good people. The law does not discriminate and does not act based on your good or bad actions, it acts on what signal you're transmitting to the universe

To conclude, your thoughts create. Your thoughts are seeds, whatever you sow, you reap! Your harvest depends on the seeds you've planted... so you better start thinking some good thoughts!