Friday, 7 December 2012

Hey Google 'What Is This Shit'?

Google, please explain to me why you think it's acceptable to link the photos I upload to Blogger to Picasaweb (the 4th cousin of Photobucket... no, a fucking non-relative because I'm giving it way too much credit by suggesting it is somehow on par with other photo album services).

I am really close to moving to Wordpress but you know what, I won't. I won't because it's too much work.

I will do what is much easier at this point and that is learn from my mistakes and make sure I won't trust Google to be smart about stuff.


I couldn't upload photographs to my blog so I had to go into my Picasaweb and delete them. I don't particularly want to pay for any space if I am planning to release a blog post five minutes from posting the images. So I went and deleted an album or two...

Now many of my blog posts have this image:

I'm going to painstakingly re-add all of my images to all the blog posts where they have gone missing.  -_____-''

Google can't blackmail me into buying space. I will find a way to upload my pics, I will!