Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

I think I'm the Grinch who stole Christmas. -_____-''

Or even Scrooge pre-enlightenment.

I'm really not into Christmas, especially this year and I suppose it's understandable. But besides that, I've never been very into Christmas, at least not since I was a child. It wouldn't be wrong to say that Christmas is really for kids these days.

Now that I'm older, I am always so annoyed with the materialistic obsession people have during this time of the year. It's like everyone feels so obligated to give something every Christmas. I didn't buy anything nor ask for anything this year and it's highly unlikely I'll do the same next year.

The rush for Christmas gifts hides the true meaning of Christmas. And yeah most people will say it's a Pagan holiday etc. while forgetting that whether people know that or not, Christmas today is more so about Santa rather than Jesus (unless you're religious and practice Christianity).

The whole 'it's a Pagan holiday' bullshit is just overkill and I've seen it everywhere far too much. People are not going to stop celebrating this tradition just because of its origins. Trust me, no one is about to give up their childrens' childhood because you've done some extra research.

Besides the overindulgence of food and drink (something I'm sort of guilty of *peeks at box of Quality Street chocolates*) and the complete obsession with gifts, Christmas does bring families together. I suppose that's the only great thing about today...

Still, I think I'm sort of happy that Christmas Day is only 24 hours.

Merry Christmas. ^o^