Friday, 28 December 2012

My New Year's Resolution.

Disclaimer: Happy New Year's! I'm days early, but since I'll be occupied with a number of things over the next few days, I won't be making a post on New Year's, so here is a early HNY from yours truly ^o^<3. 

There's something very magical about that very last number of the date going up. It has such a profound effect on people that they feel the need to change something about themselves or their lives.

Honestly though, the need to change only lasts until February and then everyone goes back to their old ways. Change doesn't happen overnight, so I've already started implementing the changes I've wanted to make to my life. I'll be carrying those changes into 2013 and beyond.

My list of changes to a happier and better me:

1. Zero tolerance for bullshit. 

I find that I tolerate a whole lot more from people than I should be. Of course I'll give people the benefit of the doubt if their behaviour is out of character but if you're acting a certain way or dealing with things in a certain way, I'll let you know. 

2. Say no. 

I barely if ever, say no to people. I'm always taking on things I cannot fulfil without letting myself suffer. That needs to stop. I'm not superwoman. I can't always deliver. It is ok to say no sometimes. And saying no isn't just good for me, but it's good for the other person as well. You're not giving them any false hope that said task is going to get done. 

3. Less dwelling on the negatives.

I focus too much on the negative; negative people, negative feedback, negative emotions... it's really sucking up all of my energy. My spirit is suffering. My emotions are suffering. And all of my useful thinking time is being occupied with negativity.

4. Focus on my own achievements now rather than comparing it against what I want to achieve. 

What I do now is good enough given my situation. What I want to achieve will come later at its own time. Of course I can work on it now, but I have to be more thankful and more content with the achievements I've made already. 

5. No more grudges.

Holding a grudge is like grasping a hot coal; you're only burning yourself. While the people who have done you wrong have all moved on and are more than happy with their conscious, you're still angry. For what? Forgive everyone, forgive yourself and move on because you deserve it. 

What are your Resolutions?