Sunday, 23 December 2012

Netherlands pt2: Rotterdam.

Disclaimer: This post is uber-late! Either way, I still wanted to post it. In Part 1 I discussed traveling to and within the Netherlands

Rotterdam is my favourite city ever. I'm being very biased (I was born there) but I really do love the city.

Rotterdam is a vibrant and very modern city. It's the second biggest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam and it's also the most diverse city in the Netherlands.

My home in NL isn't too far from Rotterdam, about 28km (17 miles). I've cycled there twice this summer. My dad likes to cycle there to buy particular foods we can't get in our small town.

Cycling is fun and relaxing but you really need good stamina to cycle 28km.

Anyway, a compilation of cycling pics, hanging out in Rotterdam pics (I also had more pics but can't locate them at the moment -______-'' . I will post them when I can!).

The Nieuwe Maas river. 



A view of Erasmusbrug from Willemsbrug.

Feijenoord Stadium.

OK so that was part of my cycling trip. It was a really lovely day and the weather fooled us a couple of times (we really thought it was going to rain). The weather remained great and we were blessed to be heading home with no issues! 

A week later I decided to visit a friend in Rotterdam and meet up with my friend from Amsterdam so we could go to Amsterdam together. 

Metro from Rotterdam to The Hague.
I have never taken the metro straight from Rotterdam to The Hague. I assume taking the train is way faster.

The view from the metro.

Before heading to Amsterdam, me and my friends went to a wok place my friend recommended. I forgot the name -____-'' but they were good! 

I love the Frenandes drinks but they don't sell them in the UK -____-''

Noodles with veggies and shrimp! Loved it!

The railways in the Netherlands are nationalised; every train network is run by the same 'company'. The service is great and even better compared to the British railway system. There are no ridiculous delays and the trains are clean and spacious. Some trains (particularly the Intercity ones) have free WIFI onboard too!
R Centraal to Amsterdam Sloterdijk trainstation. 
Part 3 will be all about Amsterdam!