Wednesday, 5 December 2012

In Review: Afridiziak Gifts & Occasions Winter Fair

Last Saturday, I went to the Afridiziak Gifts & Occasions Fair in Birmingham. This is their first ever event in Birmingham. Next Saturday, they'll have their third event in London. Entry is £3 and Afridiziak is raising money for the Sickle Cell Society

Because nothing much happens in Birmingham, I'm quite forgiving when it comes to events. I can honestly say though that I was happy with this Fair.

The Fair took place at The Drum (a Black British cultural centre). This venue is easily accessible by multiple buses which go directly into Birmingham City Centre. Finding the venue was no problem whatsoever. The location was just perfect. 

The venue has a cafe where you can purchase refreshments as well as meals. The meals were reasonably priced and tasted wonderful!

The Exhibitioners

House of Loulee sell African print inspired clothing in the form of hoodies, clutches, baby booties, bibs and more. 

Color Blind Cards sell some ultra cute (and very unique) cards fitting pretty much any occasion! I thought it was very different to the many cards out there already and I'm considering purchasing from them in the future.

YEMANJÁ sell a range of African culture cards, books and posters.

One of the vendors that really stood out to me was AfroToys. They sell baby dolls, fashion dolls, Barbie dolls and Disney products (they have Princess Tiana!!).

Consciousprints sell books about Heroes and Sheroes, Black Inventors and Their Inventions and Kings and Queens from Egypt (Kemet). They also sell Black History inspired fact cards and posters. I purchased a chakra poster from Consciousprints that day. 

The other half of The Baking Housewife was just so wonderful to talk to. His wife makes her own marmalade which me and Rae had a taste of. The passion fruit marmalade was amazing (I honestly regret not going back and taking one home with me)! Their rum cake was also quite lovely.

Sister E of The Calabash Hub was present at the Fair as well. She had a head wrap workshop that day and also sold African Black Soap, earrings and head wrap fabric.

Oooh Skincare can be found inside the Birmingham Indoor Rag Market. Their products range from  sheabutter based (very lovely smelling) silk lotions, body butters, lip balms and soaps. I purchased sample sized pots of silk lotion and lip balm for £1 each! 

There was also a raffle at the Fair. Hunii and Rae were rubbing my arms (I'm known for being a lucky charm)... and guess what? They won the prices they wanted! 

Sister E demonstrating a head wrap technique. I must say that I really want to try some head wrapping techniques after attending the workshop! 

Sister E also did a head wrap technique on Hunii who looked very regal!

The goody bag and purchases

We got a very big goody bag (I guess because they knew we were going to buy a lot of things). We had some samples of Organic Root Stimulator. Simply put; it was nothing special.. However, I wasn't expecting anything major since it wasn't a hair event, it was a charity event for the Sickle Cell Society. Nonetheless, the big bag came in handy and I quite like it anyway.

The plus side is that the Curls Unleashed samples are decently sized!

Got the Cashmere Curl Jelly sample.
The two beautiful ladies of Curls were also present at the Fair. I told them that we don't have Curls in any beauty supply store in Birmingham (they took notes). Hopefully we'll find some Curls products here very soon! 

I purchased the 'I am the future of Africa' bag from Ayasu Tantamani for £4. I won the T-shirt in the raffle (thanks to Hunii's winning ticket!). I love Ayasu's 'Afrocentric' merchandise.

The chakra poster I purchased from Consciousprints.

The samples I bought from Oooh Skincare.
 The lip balm has a mandarin scent and the silk lotion has an apple blossom scent (lovely).

Of course I made a purchase with Sheabutter Cottage too.
Sheabutter Cottage was also at the Fair. I pre-ordered (I paid on the day); Moringa Leaf Powder, Garlic Seed Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil and a book marker!

Did I forget something?

Other vendors were at the event as well (I haven't listed all of them because I didn't grab a leaflet or business card from every single one of them). The other vendors that I have visited at the event include:


I am really pleased that I attended the Fair. I honestly had a really good time. The event organisers were easily recognisable (with the Afridiziak logo on their T-shirts) and they were also very kind and accommodating.  

Overall, I am really glad I was able to support some of the small businesses there as well as the Sickle Cell Society charity.

Thank you for coming Afridiziak and please come again next year!