Monday, 31 December 2012

My Social Highlights of 2012

With just a few hours until 2013, this post is coming in perfect time. My Internet life has been amazing this year. I've been super blessed to have met many great people plus to have had many great new opportunities.

I've been blogging since 2008 (I got rid of my very first blog) and restarted on Tumblr in 2010. I really like Tumblr but it wasn't the blogging platform that I enjoyed for the posts I was making. This is why I started this blog in the summer of 2011. 

I didn't really take this blog very seriously. I slacked a lot when it came to posting content and I didn't really share what may have been interesting or helpful to people. I've only just started taking my blog content a little more seriously a number of months ago and many people have left me messages and tweets of support. 

In June, I started making blog posts based on my views. This was different to any product review or hair related posts I was used to making. It was very different... and sort of a risk take because I was taking this blog's direction elsewhere. However, I was free to write whatever I wanted and I really enjoyed it. Due to many suggestions, I started another blog to focus on the political and social issues I'm interested in discussing. 

I still clearly remember the night I was busy writing a post about the Solange Knowles hair comments in the Curly Nikki blog comment section. I posted it. At that point (and yes I was feeling myself a little), I genuinely believed that this would be the best post I had ever done. And it was true, it was the best post I had ever done.

The very next day I gained many followers and got many hits; I wasn't even sure why. Someone tweeted me that Solange gave me a shout out and my online life changed ever since. I feel so privileged that my post was read by Solange but I feel even more privileged that she mentioned my post again, months later!

Some of the other posts I wrote in the summer also let me to an interview with the amazing actress who was meant to play Harriet Tubman in Lincoln Vampire Hunter: Jaqueline Fleming

Furthermore, I was taken on as a blogger for Isis Magazine and a columnist for The Diary of A Natural Gal. I've also written an article for NU People Magazine (Issue One to be released any day now!) and a guest post for Afrodeity: The Media and Frizzy Hair. I have really enjoyed my affiliation with these blogs and magazines and I am forever thankful for the opportunities they have provided me with.

In other news... I have jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and I've also started a Facebook page so that people can keep up to date with anything. ISIS Magazine Issue Two is also coming out soon!

The cover of Isis Magazine Issue Two.

My internet life has been amazing this year because I was given opportunities that I never ever thought I would have been given. I even had to turn down some of the opportunities I was offered because I didn't want to stretch myself too far.

I had a really good and (very unexpected) social year!! I hope to have an even better one next year. Here's to a better blog!